National Research Program on Pastures and Forages

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Pastures and Forages



Developing, adapting and validating technologies that boost production and maximize efficiency in pasture utilization in different production systems, in a sustainable manner, through the rational and responsible use of natural resources, contributing to the social and economic benefit of the farmers and the society.


   • Recovery of native pastures degraded by overgrazing.
   • Integrated management of native grasslands.
   • Collection and conservation of native forage species.
   • Diversification of forage alternatives.
   • Genetic improvement of tall fescue and ryegrass.
   • Monitoring of pest populations to design warning
   • systems.
   • Study of productivity in pastures.
   • Guidelines on phosphate fertilization of pastures.
   • Development of seasonal forage production database.
   • Adaptation of forage legumes to climate change.


Dr. Fernando Lattanzi


E-mail: [email protected]

Pastures and Forages