National Research Program on Horticultural Production

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Horticultural Production



Promoting the sustainability and development of the sector while minimizing the environmental impact of production activities. Ensuring food quality and safety while increasing production competitiveness and value, favoring its incorporation into the commercial chain.



• Development of tomato, potato, sweet potato, strawberry and onion cultivars of differentiated quality.

• Recovery and conservation of the quality of soils.

• Differentiation of the Uruguayan horticultural production through the development and
• incorporation of technologies for the integrated management of pests and diseases.

• Improved availability of horticultural and fruit products for industrialization.

• Characterization of the nutraceutical potential of fruits and vegetables.

• Use of molecular markers for improvement of vegetables.



Ing. Agr. Gustavo Giménez


E-mail: [email protected]

Horticultural Production